Tour with Clowns without borders Sweden in Stockholm.

I couple of weeks ago we finished the punk-clown tour in Stockholm. Performers were Rebeca FL, Antoine Dutrieu and myself. I also had the honor to be tour leader, the link between the clowns withot borders, the venues and the artists, and it was as always both challenging and exiting. 

Our audience was unaccompanied minors at different asylum accomodations around the city of Stockholm.

I'm happy having gotten the opportunity to meet all these lovely youth coming from various places in the world and trying to get the hold of their new home country. 

Wherever we went we were greeted politely and with big interest. The show was well received and I can still hear their laughter ringing in my ears. 

After the show we had discussions and the audience tried acrobatics with the artists. At one venue we got challenges to dance; -can the clowns dance to Afghan music or to Kazakh music? It was a moment to remember!

I big thank you to the Clowns without borders Sweden that made this tour possible together with the City of Stockholm. Also thank you to the motivated teachers and carers that we met during the tour and of course our amazing audience. 

Thank you to Björn & Marie that opened up their home so warmly during this week & to Alex, Maé and Aélia that took care of each other and us in the best of ways.

An extra warm thank you to my clown colleges that made every show new and special and could improvise and adapt to a new setting every day!

1 Jun 2017