Autumn 2021 I had the honor to participate in the re-creation of family show Sorti.

Produced by Floda Kulturproduktion. 

Niklas Barnö – Trumpet
Love Meyerson – Drums, accordion and vibraphone
Emma Augustson – Cello, vocals, organ
Britta Wålstedt – Parter acrobatics
Rebecka Nord -Parter acrobatics
Signe Veinholt-Parter acrobatics
Linn Holm – Aerial acrobatics & cyr wheel

Co-creative artists in the first version of the show: Axel Ahl, Sara Runsten & Matleena Laine
Outside eye: Eliisa Erävalo, Kajsa Englund och Simon Wiborn
With support from Region Stockholm and Stockholms stad

29 Nov 2021