I was born in the south of Sweden and as a child I had lots of energy which was spent on climbing trees, riding the monocycle, sailing, singing and then – of course – the circus. I started out doing monocycle, tight rope and acrobatics, and at the age of 15 I moved to Gävle to enter the Cirkusgymnasium (Circus High School), where I met Sofia Wålstedt.

The circus has been my life ever since and I’ve learned a lot from this alternative career, most importantly I’ve learned to fight for what I want to achieve. Me and Sofia started the company Stint at the age of 19 and toured around the world. I’ve been my own writer, director, tailor, driver, scenographer and PR consultant. I have learned to interact with people from many different countries with different backgrounds, and to work with children in refugee camps under very difficult circumstances.

I lived in France for five years and then for three years Sweden and Brussels were my bases. I worked as a flyer in the acrobatic duo The Walkers, as a base in Las Errantes and during 2014 I worked in the UK based company Mimbre