When the world is no longer your stage... 30 acrobats physicalise the shared exhaustion, frustration and complications of living within drastically limited space, creating absurdity and beauty while stuck on their sofas. A short film that gives a snapshot of the extraordinary spring of 2020 and how differently we all dealt with it, finishing with an invite to the viewers to share their own experiences from the comfort of their sofas...

About Filmed in Lockdown: Filmed in Lockdown is a series of new works of literary, musical, visual, and performance arts, commissioned for Culture in Quarantine by Arts Council England and BBC Arts. The Sofa Dance was made with support from The Space Arts and Sadler's Wells.

CREDITS Directed by Arthur Le Fol and Lina Johansson

Music “Just a Place” by Underground System Written by Peter Matson and Domenica Fossati

Edited by Arthur Le Fol

Choreographed by Lina Johansson and cast

Filmed by the cast at home locations

Featuring the young talent Aélia Katsaiti Nord Dylan Fratelli-Burch Kalani Khamjani-Wilson Lev Maggor Eva Ruth Euba Frida Fratelli-Burch Marnie Power Milian Nord Katsaitis Raya Maggor Ronja Talbot Skyla Khamjani-Wilson Suki Keighley Tuva Talbot

Project Manager Zsofia Szendrei

Executive Producers For Sadler’s Wells – Alistair Spalding and Bia Oliveira For The Space – Fiona Morris

15 Aug 2020