The two new-borns.

2015 is an important year, yet I’m less active than ever here on the blog. Maybe it’s connected.

I have two babies to present to you:

Djeliya, a subtle piece wrapped in live music of an African harp called Kora, tackles the humanity lying within all of us and places its focus on optimism and open-mindedness. Through theatre and partner acrobatics it tells a story about overcoming fears and obstacles through the power of collaboration and friendship: A quirky piece without props, lights nor set to enchant children and adults alike. 

"Because of an evil spell young hero Maïs is forced to escape from her home village and to go on an adventurous quest, where she will discover friendship, courage and cooperation. Backed by the mystical, musical Griot and his knowledge, she enters an enchanted world where bodies are trees to climb, oceans to dive in and mountains to cross. With two joyful companions met en route she will reach a magic fruit she needs in order to save her village."

Aélia, the wonder of wonders. A little beautiful daughter that make me the happiest woman on earth. She was born the 12th of April and was six weeks old yesterday. She weighs 5 kilos by now and smiles to her parents every day. She likes to look at shadows and light and eyes and clear patterns. She's also a great eater and exercises a lot in between, always trying to crawl and stand up. To be in daddy's arms and dancing to Greek music is also a big hit. 

Life is amazing!

25 May 2015