The day after in Guadeloupe.

It was a slow day yesterday… Sunday night I moved up to Jessy, my partner acrobatics partner in the Hip Cirq show. She lives at the road that reaches up to the volcano, la Soufrière, and up here it’s windy and a little bit cooler than down in Basse Terre. Yesterday we woke up late after a long last night with the group, we drove directly down to the city to say goodbye to them when they left for the airport and then started our day of rest.

We washed our clothes, drank passion fruit juice, talked. We hung the laundry at her terrace and ate bread and cheese and drank tea. It came some heavy tropical rain that I still find very fascinating. When the night came we watched the news about the Philippines, got some perspective on our reality while Jessy cooked seafood stew with potatoes and I switched the televisions’ sounds to all the tropical sounds outside the windows.

All our shows went really well and we got standing ovations the last night. It feels as if our show has taken a big step forward this last residency and I’m more and more proud to participate in this wonderful project. I don’t look forward to the emptiness that I expect to feel when it ends in the beginning of January. But now I shouldn’t think about that but enjoy the days of holiday that lies ahead of me at this beautiful island.

12 Nov 2013