Thank you!

I would love to tell you all about this incredible tour. How it is to travel around Sweden with a soon one-year-old baby as a temporarily single mother playing 19 shows and being the tour manager... 

But for tonight I just want to say thanks to a lot of people.

First of all, thanks to those who booked the shows: Christel Molin, Christina Strömvall, Sara Berndtsson & Mia Rosengren.

Then, thanks to the wonderful babysitters: Cicci, Gretel and Amanda. Without you it would not have worked! 

Thanks to all the nice teachers and students we met, about 1,500 people; and a special thanks to the students at Furulund School in Halmstad who wrote useful comments about the show. Thanks to Johanna who gave us bread and cakes, to the librarian who filmed our performance in Träslövsläge and Ulrika Andersson who did a splendid filming job in Halmstad.

Thanks to Julietta for support on Bosgårdsskolan in Tvååker and to the teachers and students at the same school who invited our children with the babysitter to their classroom when the weather was bad. Thank you to the caretakers who helped us with the technology and those who invited us for coffee and buns and lunch. ;)

Thanks to Pelle our director who came to visit and thanks to his theater school students who came with constructive comments. The show has evolved and become better every day.

A great great thanks to the amazing artists; Rebeca, Antoine & Vincent! 

It has been a rewarding experience putting this tour together.


25 Mar 2016