My little sister & the three P's.

My little sister is one of the persons I admire the most. She's young, she's strong, she knows what she wants and where she's going, but she's also very sensitive and humble. I think that those qualities are perfect to be a good actor, a good artist.

Yesterday when she graduated from the "New York Film Academy" I was very moved, she stood there on stage with tears in her eyes and I felt, this is it, this is when she really understands what this life is about. To be an artist is to be a human being but at 200 %, you have to know yourself so well, turn yourself inside out, you have to understand other people and you have to be brave enough to put your feelings out there.

On the graduation ceremony yesterday one of my sister's teachers David Vando held an amazing speech, he was talking about life and death but he also talked about the three P's; Passion, Preparation and Persistence. The three significant words of an artist's success.

I got so proud of being an artist when he was talking, it felt like such an honourable and impressive way of living your life, and I must say that it's far from always that I feel that way.

Thank you Amanda for bringing me to New York and to make me spend time with you, to let me enjoy your uncompromising but yet so generous nature. And you've got it all, never forget that, the passion, the preparation and the persistence!


27 Oct 2013