London & life.

You know when a city becomes not just a city but also a space full of memories? I guess when that happens it’s the moment it starts to feel like a real home. Also now when I’m not longer going from a place alone to another place alone I realize that London is slowly welcoming me. Welcoming me into its crazy intense world.Last weekend I woke up in a lovely home of Greek friends after not so many hours of sleep. 

It’s six o’clock in the morning and I’ll have to leave for Skegness to teach children at a festival. My love’s making me coffee and toast with orange jam and even if I’m not fully awake (or maybe because I’m not) I feel a strong warm feeling of belonging, something I missed so much last year and that slowly enters my life now. It’s incredible sweet. After kisses I go down to a bus that brings me via Canary Wharf where a man with a wrinkled suit and a confused look goes on the bus. It reminds me of one of the first weeks when I came here and went to that business area to get my UK phone number. The bus passes the place where we played Bench just a couple of weeks ago and I smile at the memory. By Hackney Station I buy a tea in a typical British breakfast café, it drizzles and a man is shouting into one of the big recycling containers. This is London an early Sunday morning and lonely people wander about in empty roads. I drive the van for the first time out in traffic, we’re driving up north and I get used to drive into the roundabout to the left and look for the cars to my right. The slowest lane is to the left and the change is refreshing. I like to take part of a team. I like to be one of three Mimbre girls, there’s a strong happy feeling between us and we’re flexible and professional when we’re out working. After a long day with seven hours driving and four hours of teaching we’re finally back in London where I am welcomed to yet another home, this time in the west of the city. I’m served a glass of red wine. A shower. Friendly faces. Caring arms around my tired body.

London slowly fills up with emotions and life here starts to make sense. I’m grateful of the friends of my friend that actually welcome me in their world and I’m thankful to play in an active interesting company that shares my values of circus and the life as a performer.

Thank you all!

12 Jul 2014