Home after tour in Sweden.

DJELIYA – what a difficult and amazing project. After the long creation of the show in four different countries, with crowd funding to save the budget and two babies born into the company I would like to give us all a great applause for how far we’ve gone.

Now I realise that we are at the end of the creation and in the beginning of a wonderful journey.

The fifth of October the whole team arrived to Ystad in the south of Sweden, here we rehearsed at Ungdomens hus (The Youth House) and prepared ourselves for a pretty exciting showcase at the cultural house in Hässleholm. Here were most of the south region’s programmers from schools and communes invited to watch the offers of the year.

Many times have I been lying in a hotel bed feeling rather lonely and now for the first time I was in the same position but with a little baby and it was interesting. I also went through the final choreography on the sidewalks of cold Hässleholm while putting her to sleep in the baby sling and doing the promotion of the show with her in my arms. It’s funny how you just deal with these things when you have to, but God I was tired when we came home.

Of course it wouldn’t had worked at all if my mother and sister hadn’t been there to babysit the two girls during the warm-up and performance!

The second week after some days off we boarded the north going train towards Gothenburg and Alingsås. We had two most enjoyable shows at the school Lendahlsskolan and acrobatic training at Palladium.

My boyfriend was with us for this tour and it made my life very easy, daughter was often with him and seemed to enjoy her first experience of the touring life. She slept well at B&B’s and hotels, crawled around stages and appreciated both train rides and restaurants.

Here's part of the team reading Djeliya’s first review in the newspaper of Alingsås:

The travel continued to Halmstad, a city by the west coast, where we truly enjoyed the hotel Continental, the theatre and the people we met! We also had the chance to finally make a proper recording of the show.

I must say it was a great experience to be “back in the game” again and at a whole different level. For example; now the days I performed after a real nights sleep seems utterly easy. ;) There’s nothing like new challenges in life!

Of course it didn’t go by without tensions, tiredness or tears. But mostly it wouldn't have worked without a great team and helpers all along, so THANK YOU super team Los Errantes!

Also warm thanks to: Ungdomens Hus in Ystad, babysitters Gretel, Amanda, Cicci & Alex, family Farkas for the film camera, the nice people at Hakens Gård in Abbekås for hosting our musician a couple of days, super organiser Christina, Halmstad theatre with staff, the host at B&B in Alingsås, Lendahlsskolan in Alingsås and to my much amazing man for accepting having a busy, mostly exhausted & all over touring circus artist in his life.


27 Oct 2015