From Santiago to Valparaiso.

Wednesday at the aerial centre Aldea del encuentro and another morning at the training space. Antoine and Rebeca are moving around in something I would call a dance warm-up, Catalina is stretching and the company’s own baby mascot Maé is telling a story of humming and bubbling sounds…

We’re a nice team I must say; of course it’s not very easy and fast to create with a 6 months baby, no babysitter, a pregnant woman and Chilean logistics and organisation… But I think that we’re moving forward and we’re all learning a lot, whether it’s acrobatics, singing or professionalism in the work. For me it’s not very easy to try to be IN the creation while sitting on a chair and also trying to make Maé happy. I also don’t have the energy that I wished I would have.

Yesterday we did a little work-in-progress for friends and family here at the theatre. We presented an extract that we’ve been working on a lot here in Chile that we call “The Journey”. It was a rewarding moment and I really enjoyed the performance. It was as if I saw it for the first time, even after have been working on it for a week. I was surprised of the strong presence of the artists that came out in front of the audience. Everything went well and the music with the movements created a magical space that made everyone in the audience completely spell bounded. I got very happy.

Now we’re off to Valparaiso by the coast, to train and perform at “La carpa azul” an interesting circus place with view of the city and the sea. Time passes by too quickly. 


18 Dec 2014