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A beautiful day.

7 Jun 2014

I have a Friday OFF. I decided to work in front of my computer but when I saw the blue sky I realised it could be a day to discover one of London’s biggest parks; Hampstead heath. I crossed a woman talking on the phone: “It’s SUCH a beautiful day”, she said. Ten minutes later I crossed two other women, one of them insisting: “It’s a beautiful day, A BEAUTIFUL day.” So I guess that’s what this day is about, to be a beautiful day.

Sometimes I feel a little bit sad when everything is quite perfect. It sounds stupid I know.

Today I’ve thought a lot about the different aspects of my life ad it couldn’t be much better.  I’m happy the tour has started and more satisfied with the show now when I’ve seen that it can really work with an audience. The summer is here and the sun is out giving hope deep down in my soul.

I’m excited about the different festivals we’ll get to during this summer and the new places to discover; Tynemouth, Stockton, Cardiff and Skegness in England and Wales, Amersfoort in Holland, Tarrega in Spain and Kaiserslautern in Germany. We’ll play in Brussels both next week and in the end of September and I love to come back to Brussels, it feels like home.

My health is much better and my energy is going up!

But the best of all, better than everything above, is love. I fell in love already in January and I’m falling deeper and deeper in love for every day. It’s actually quite amazing. I get so much positive attention and I get the possibility to care for someone. I get to talk, be foolish, laugh, and kiss in a buzz of emotions and not to forget just to BE in the most wonderful man’s arms. To breath in a deep feeling of being protected from anything that could ever harm me. 

There are no clouds on my sky this beautiful day and yet I walk melancholic in between ponds and trees.

Is it because it reminds me of all the lonely walks I’ve done in my life? I remember it started in Copenhagen, nineteen years old; I walked around the city and the parks looking at happy couples and happy families and felt alone in the world. I remember thinking; if ever I had money for a coffee…

Then, as I do like to discover new places by walking, I’ve had many of these moments later on, loads of them in Lille, then in Buenos Aires, Athens, Barcelona, Brussels, Santiago de Chile, New York.

Are my days of lonely walks over soon? Or do I at some level enjoy these endless walks where my mind can travel freely and I can observe the world as if I’m not a part of it?

I think the best thing right now would be to buy an ice cream. I mean, who can ever feel down with an ice cream at hand?

Tour start at Bath Fringe!

31 May 2014

Yesterday we were finally on the road to the first festival on our summer tour. It was Alcina the base, Silvia the flyer, Lina the director and I. Four happy women heading west in a big blue van.

When we came to Bath we checked in to the hostel and went out to one of the meeting points of the festival, the Spiegeltent, where a band played the most beautiful English folk music. 

After all the rehearsals it felt wonderful to drink a half pint of beer, listening to the concert and feeling that now: now are we here. We're together and it's soon showtime!

I like to discover a new town, the excitement before a show and being in a context; my circus world. 

I really love this part of the work. Check the performance space, set-up, sound-check and get comfortable backstage.  Make-up, warm-up, some biscuits and then PERFORM! It's such a nice festival and the staff and the audience are all very friendly.

Bench is on tour and Rebecka is happy!!!

R&D in Newbury little video clip.

26 May 2014

A couple of holiday days.

19 May 2014

My parents came to London and we were walking around London in the sunniest days ever. It was too good to be true!

This is the place where we train with Mimbre.


A trailer for Bench

11 May 2014

Research for TIME. Newbury.

6 May 2014

My new home for the next five days. We're with Mimbre in Newbury to do research on their next show's creation that will start in 2015


This is how my work place can look, a night like tonight. Or like this:

An exciting week as always.

There's life after the premiere.

25 Apr 2014

It’s a beautiful sky over London tonight that makes me think of summer. I realize I haven’t written any blog posts in a while and I have so much to share I don’t know where to start.

The two weeks before the premiere were really difficult. My body didn’t cope with the situation and the illnesses and wanted me to stay in bed, but I couldn’t and just had to push myself forward to finish the creation and the three shows. A four-hour commute per day, eight hours at work, eat and sleep. It was tough and I questioned my whole circus career, to be honest I questioned pretty much everything; myself as an acrobat and artist, living in London, my health, my social abilities, the future…

It all had its peak when I hurt my back on the last show and afterwards when I lay in the quiet dressing room whilst the others were out meeting their relatives and friends I thought; I don’t have anything more to give. I’m finished. I lay on a spike mat, feeling the warmth spreading in my aching back, relaxing for the first time in weeks. Tears run down my face and I thought; this is a crazy life, do I still have the strength and the will to fight like this? 

Then we went out with the Mimbre women to have a burger and a beer and I suddenly felt a true belonging to this company. The achievement we reached together, the hard work, the laughs, the creativity, the stress and the joy of performing. Already the day after I started to feel like myself again and I understood how tired I had been.

Now I’ve had a week of rest and I’m happy. The premiere is done! I can see things clearly! I’m still tired and recovering slowly from the coughing, the throat ache and the fatigue but I love my work. I love the circus life even if it’s completely stupid sometimes. I love the art and performances we produce and give to the world. I love the people, the big top, the nomadic life, the applause, the creativity and the travels.

This week we’re back to calmer technical training with the trio, I’ve been helping out at the Mimbre office and now I have to catch up with the administrative work for Circus By Me. Not to forget the preparation of the production for the children’s show “Once upon a time…”

It is all about finding the perfect balance!

Photos by Marco Berardi

Premiere Bench!

6 Apr 2014

We are in the middle of two rehearsal weeks at the Laban theatre and I'm having a real slow Sunday today. Actually the first Sunday in my home since I came to London in the middle of January. My health is not the best, during a couple of weeks I’ve had an infection that travels around my body and it’s very tiring. I know that what I need is some days of rest and apparently iron, but with five days to the premiere, what to do?

In spite of these problems I’m very pleased to inform you about next weekends events: On 11th and 12th April our show will be part of the Crossing The Creek family dance weekend at Greenwich Dance and Laban. This event will be indoors and is a great, weather-proof chance to preview the show before the outdoor tour starts in earnest!

The day includes all sorts of amazing performances and activities, suitable for families but not exclusive for people with little ones to enjoy, all ages welcome from 11am – 5pm. Our performances of Bench will be:
Friday 11th April
15:15 at Laban Building
Saturday 12th April
11:00 at Laban Building
14:45 at Greenwich Dance
You're all very welcome!!!

A national grant for my own project.

31 Mar 2014

It’s an intense period of my life right now. I’m trying to land in London, to feel that I live there, but after the overwhelming weeks in Mali I went to Brussels for ten days to give a workshop, and since then I’ve been both in Stockholm and in the south of Sweden, so to get the home feeling in London is not so easy. At the same time we’re in rehearsal preparing the premiere of Bench that will take place at the Laban Theatre, London, in only two weeks. I will keep you updated about the details.

I have some great news to share with you: The project to make an children show with my two acrobatic partners, Catalina Castellano and Antoine Dutrieu, got a national project grant from Sweden and it makes it possible to start the process of really doing this show. We still need more money and are at this very moment searching for other grants in Sweden and Belgium.

The rehearsals will start in the autumn and we have a very interesting musician for the show; Vincent Wilkins, you can listen to him playing here:

Other amazing news is that my first choice director for the show; Pelle Hanaeus, is interested in the project and motivated to work with us! Pelle is a very talented yet humble person that I admire for different work he does all around Sweden. We met at a tour with the Clowns Without Borders in Lebanon some years ago and now he’s artistic director of Regionteater Väst, a theatre in west Sweden. I’m unbelievably happy having him in the team and I look forward starting to prepare for the creation.

Now I just have to focus on finishing Bench and then I can start thinking of what is coming next. It looks as we will be very busy touring from June to September, but in May I will hopefully find some time to work on the fairy tale project and to get to feel at home in my new home town! 


21 Feb 2014

Now I’m in Bamako, Mali. At the moment I sit in my bed under the mosquito net, very warm and very happy and sad. The way it often feels when it feels as strongest. I live in a beautiful family with four children, two twin brothers that are sixteen, another boy that’s seven and the baby girl that’s three and a half. They welcome me in the nicest way and I realize that having a family in Africa is a new and wonderful thing in my life.

I’m here working on my fairy tale project. I’ve brought all the books and I’m sitting in the shadow at the terrace and reading. I will also interview some persons as I’ve been doing in Sweden and Belgium. I will look at their tradition of telling stories, in the families and in the open spaces. Sunday I’ll travel south to a little village to speak to some old man, bath in a waterfall and I’ve been promised amazing nature.

I must admit that a big part of my time goes to coping with some of the life questions that comes running when I’m taken out of my context. And as I’ve often been out of context the last year, my mind is running in many directions. I think the biggest question right now is how to combine my adventurous longings; my world spread projects, my circus tours, my never-ending change of home country and my artist life with something more rooted. I’m thinking of a calm place where I could bake cinnamon rolls, grow potatoes, do yoga and read out loud to the cat… Can I have it all?

A day in a TV-studio.

10 Feb 2014


Next week.

6 Feb 2014

Life in London continues with excitement. Training, training, training, research, a lot of wine and sometimes not so much sleep. I love it. 

Next week waits new challenges when we're going to start a process for Mimbres coming show for 2015; "Time". Please read more about this and how you can follow our process, here: 

Mimbre Live on Hackney Live – February 13th, 6pm

Today's photo shoot for "The Bench"

30 Jan 2014

My first week in London...

26 Jan 2014

I thought I would write a sharp analysis of London and my new life, but I realize I cannot put my thoughts straight and it’s all too new and messy and wonderful and in so many directions, I don’t know how to start!

 With the gratefulness maybe? First of all, The Greek sisters who’s received me in their home for ten days now. They are amazing! Imagine coming home from a long day of rehearsal and you just get; red wine & food, help to sort out things like phone company, bank account, what’s the matter with the Shoreditch’s stylish youths, where to go, how to survive the underground… The morning when you’re too tired to think they get you strong coffee, and added to that they’ve helped me not to feel lonely at all, even if I am kind of lonely and new in this big city. How does it sound with aubergine and tomato lasagne, Greek salad, spinach and feta pie and homemade bread with walnuts, dates and cinnamon? At this very moment one of them makes pancakes, I mean the world becomes a better place to live, with pancakes on a Saturday morning.

 With the contentment of creating? The company is very good for me.  We have worked with the Laban Movement Theories, researching how to move in space with different energies and speed, direct or indirect moves, heavy or light, sudden or sustained… It becomes really interesting when you combine them so that for example you would move in a heavy, direct and sudden way.  We have been exploring how three women can fit on a bench in various formations, how to keep the central place on the bench if all the three of us has the same mission, how to walk on the back of a bench without getting noticed… We do Pilates and other conditioning training. Of course we have worked on the partner acrobatics too and I love it. I love the feeling of weight and balance. The small movements you need to do to adjust. The trust. The perseverance. The positive environment the three of us is already creating to make the best of what we’re doing. Mimbre is great!

 With the big confusion about the humanity? I do not always get what we are meant to do here on earth, and in a city that shows the extremes of everything, I tend to get confused. Last Thursday I happened to be in a huge shopping centre situated underground in the business district Canary Wharf. It was lunchtime and suddenly suits were all over the place. I had to stop by a wall to feel safe from all these men and women running out of their offices to grab some food, it looked like a crazy performance. People do look unhappy in the Underground, or just completely emptied of soul, I guess they did press the off button when they entered the tube system? I think my problem is that when a lot of people are doing the same thing at the same moment, it overwhelms me, no matter if it’s a lot of hipsters parading in their new clothes, tattooed mummies smoking or drunk middle-aged men taking the DLR train.

 But, as a good friend wrote me: “You can experience life, and answer questions about it. But doing both at the same time is difficult and perhaps unwanted.”

 Maybe it’s time just to LIVE the London life?



18 Jan 2014

I guess I didn't really tell you the big news. So, I'm moving to London yes, and I'm joining the UK company Mimbre for their new production, Bench. Mimbre is a local and international circus and street theatre company, producing innovative and extraordinary acrobatic performance work and promoting a positive, strong image of women. I've wanted to work with them for years now and everything is very exciting, and my mind is all over the place... 

Information about the creation:

"A Bench: in a park, on the street, in a square; sitting, sleeping, climbing, jumping, meeting, reading, gossiping. Making friends. Ageing. Rejuvenating. Bench is Mimbre’s new show for 2014, an outdoor show with 3 performers, easy to tour, portable and suitable for any public space or event. Bench is a show about the everyday dance of life, our urban landscape, and a cavalcade of characters who come and go; viewed through the eyes of a woman who observes, makes friends, confronts or ignores the people who pass… occasionally turning upside down to see if the world looks better from that angle.

Bench will be a series of sketches bound together by our silent narrator, talking through movement and acrobatics, and accompanied by a beautiful score. Three performers will magically transform between ages and gender, caricatures and characters; spell-binding movements will be mixed with mundane moments and brief encounters. The variety of people passing through our city life will be viewed and encountered through the prism of the woman and the bench she has appropriated. Each character-transformation creates a small choreography (snaking under the bench to change into a dress, falling over the armrest to get out of a jacket, jumping into a headstand to fit into a cap…), each character brings another sketch and snapshot from a life.

Bench will be set directly in the urban landscape where it will also be performed, each choreography and scene rooted in scenes from real life. Events, encounters and feelings will be physicalised, crystallised and turned into beautiful dance as well as commenting on the theatre happening around us every day – if only we looked.

Bench is directed by Lina Johansson, with an original score composed by Ted Barnes - his “songs are like glass marble worlds that clink next to each other and should be put in your pocket and carried around with you all day” (Kathryn Williams). The Bench set is carefully designed and cleverly crafted by  Michalis Kokkoliadis - ‘ingeniously simple set design, aided by an appropriate sprinkling of make believe’ (Eastern Daily Press).

If you are interested in booking this show, please contact us on As Bench is a new show, we’ll offer you a discount of 20% if you book before the end of January."

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