A beautiful day.

I have a Friday OFF. I decided to work in front of my computer but when I saw the blue sky I realised it could be a day to discover one of London’s biggest parks; Hampstead heath. I crossed a woman talking on the phone: “It’s SUCH a beautiful day”, she said. Ten minutes later I crossed two other women, one of them insisting: “It’s a beautiful day, A BEAUTIFUL day.” So I guess that’s what this day is about, to be a beautiful day.

Sometimes I feel a little bit sad when everything is quite perfect. It sounds stupid I know.

Today I’ve thought a lot about the different aspects of my life ad it couldn’t be much better.  I’m happy the tour has started and more satisfied with the show now when I’ve seen that it can really work with an audience. The summer is here and the sun is out giving hope deep down in my soul.

I’m excited about the different festivals we’ll get to during this summer and the new places to discover; Tynemouth, Stockton, Cardiff and Skegness in England and Wales, Amersfoort in Holland, Tarrega in Spain and Kaiserslautern in Germany. We’ll play in Brussels both next week and in the end of September and I love to come back to Brussels, it feels like home.

My health is much better and my energy is going up!

But the best of all, better than everything above, is love. I fell in love already in January and I’m falling deeper and deeper in love for every day. It’s actually quite amazing. I get so much positive attention and I get the possibility to care for someone. I get to talk, be foolish, laugh, and kiss in a buzz of emotions and not to forget just to BE in the most wonderful man’s arms. To breath in a deep feeling of being protected from anything that could ever harm me. 

There are no clouds on my sky this beautiful day and yet I walk melancholic in between ponds and trees.

Is it because it reminds me of all the lonely walks I’ve done in my life? I remember it started in Copenhagen, nineteen years old; I walked around the city and the parks looking at happy couples and happy families and felt alone in the world. I remember thinking; if ever I had money for a coffee…

Then, as I do like to discover new places by walking, I’ve had many of these moments later on, loads of them in Lille, then in Buenos Aires, Athens, Barcelona, Brussels, Santiago de Chile, New York.

Are my days of lonely walks over soon? Or do I at some level enjoy these endless walks where my mind can travel freely and I can observe the world as if I’m not a part of it?

I think the best thing right now would be to buy an ice cream. I mean, who can ever feel down with an ice cream at hand?

7 Jun 2014