A national grant for my own project.

It’s an intense period of my life right now. I’m trying to land in London, to feel that I live there, but after the overwhelming weeks in Mali I went to Brussels for ten days to give a workshop, and since then I’ve been both in Stockholm and in the south of Sweden, so to get the home feeling in London is not so easy. At the same time we’re in rehearsal preparing the premiere of Bench that will take place at the Laban Theatre, London, in only two weeks. I will keep you updated about the details.

I have some great news to share with you: The project to make an children show with my two acrobatic partners, Catalina Castellano and Antoine Dutrieu, got a national project grant from Sweden and it makes it possible to start the process of really doing this show. We still need more money and are at this very moment searching for other grants in Sweden and Belgium.

The rehearsals will start in the autumn and we have a very interesting musician for the show; Vincent Wilkins, you can listen to him playing here: https://soundcloud.com/korarmonie

Other amazing news is that my first choice director for the show; Pelle Hanaeus, is interested in the project and motivated to work with us! Pelle is a very talented yet humble person that I admire for different work he does all around Sweden. We met at a tour with the Clowns Without Borders in Lebanon some years ago and now he’s artistic director of Regionteater Väst, a theatre in west Sweden. I’m unbelievably happy having him in the team and I look forward starting to prepare for the creation.

Now I just have to focus on finishing Bench and then I can start thinking of what is coming next. It looks as we will be very busy touring from June to September, but in May I will hopefully find some time to work on the fairy tale project and to get to feel at home in my new home town! 

31 Mar 2014