Now I’m in Bamako, Mali. At the moment I sit in my bed under the mosquito net, very warm and very happy and sad. The way it often feels when it feels as strongest. I live in a beautiful family with four children, two twin brothers that are sixteen, another boy that’s seven and the baby girl that’s three and a half. They welcome me in the nicest way and I realize that having a family in Africa is a new and wonderful thing in my life.

I’m here working on my fairy tale project. I’ve brought all the books and I’m sitting in the shadow at the terrace and reading. I will also interview some persons as I’ve been doing in Sweden and Belgium. I will look at their tradition of telling stories, in the families and in the open spaces. Sunday I’ll travel south to a little village to speak to some old man, bath in a waterfall and I’ve been promised amazing nature.

I must admit that a big part of my time goes to coping with some of the life questions that comes running when I’m taken out of my context. And as I’ve often been out of context the last year, my mind is running in many directions. I think the biggest question right now is how to combine my adventurous longings; my world spread projects, my circus tours, my never-ending change of home country and my artist life with something more rooted. I’m thinking of a calm place where I could bake cinnamon rolls, grow potatoes, do yoga and read out loud to the cat… Can I have it all?

21 Feb 2014