Almost ready for Senegal!

It's a beautiful Sunday in south of Sweden, the sun has just set (it's 3.30PM) and the light is bright and dark at the same time. 

Last week we were in Brussels with the Djeliya team to develop our show and it went very well.

We managed to get more acrobatics into it, more singing, a clearer story and more subtle acting. I'm very thankful for the days we had and for Daniel Goldman who helped us imagine, create and to grow. Amazing work. 

Now to our Senegal-tour!

As Senegal’s economics are not able to compensate us financially, we rely on other sources of funding to cover costs such as flights and housing. As well as applying for support from several international cultural institutions, we have decided to also mobilise our entourage and beyond to support us in this fabulous adventure and help us take our story to as many young people and families as possible.

Any little amount you can donate is a direct gift to all those who will see Djeliya, as the performances not only offer a moment of lightness, magic and laughter, but also serve as opening points for impromptu acrobatics lessons, Kora classes, personal exchanges, improvised dancing and other laughs alike. 

The Swedish Embassy in Dakar & The Swedish Arts Council are supporting our tour, but still funding is needed and we're looking for YOU to help us. Be part of this experience and help us put a smile on as many of Senegal’s little ones as possible!

18 Dec 2016