After the premiere.

I'm back in the south of Sweden after two and a half intense weeks in Uddevalla. The sun has been shining and I can feel the spring arriving and with the spring comes our little baby. At the same time I'm super touched and happy that our show Djeliya finally is born. What an exiting year! 

Everything went well in Uddevalla thanks to great support from Regionteater Väst and good working motivation from the artists. I was also there to coordinate, the system with the babysitters worked and my boyfriend unselfishly cooked lunches for the whole team every day. The costumier did a super nice job with the yellow salopettes. 

We got the chance to play for a test audience of 8 - 9 year olds at the theatre and then have our premiere at the school Äsperödsskolan for an amazing audience of  6 - 7 year olds. The reactions from the audiences were rewarding and made me believe so much more on our good work. They were awing, owing and laughing. 

We will of course rehears more on the show when we can, throwing in some more dynamic acrobatics and work on the final song, but I am very pleased and look forward to selling it. Djeliya will be sold both in the west and the south region of Sweden, in Belgium and in Chile, for a start. ;)

Life right now is beautiful. As soon as the paper work is done and receipts counted for this massive Djeliya project, next amazing "project" will come; my first child. It's unbelievable. How lucky can I be?

 Photos: Sinclair school Uddevalla

17 Mar 2015